Spring Fabrics – Gloverall

Spring Fabrics

Our Spring Summer 2018 collection introduces new lighter weight spring fabrics to the Gloverall collection.

Gloverall’s strong ethos in British Manufacture is something we are extremely proud of, with this in mind we endeavor to use British mills wherever we can.

One of the British Mills we are proud to support this season is Halley Stevenson’s.

Halley Stevenson's Gloverall Fabric

Halley Stevenson's have been manufacturing in Dundee since 1864 and have pioneered the development of waxed cotton to this day. With hundreds of years of experience, they create many thousands of meters of waxed cotton every year, with each roll produced to custom specifications. The beauty of waxed cotton is its durability and longevity, it is built to last. The fabrics are breathable, the wax adjusting to ambient temperature to be softer/more breathable in warm weather and stiffer/more wind proof in cold conditions.

Halley Stevensons'

The concept of waxed cotton was originally developed in the early 15th century by sailors. Scottish North Sea herring fleets operating from east coast ports began treating flax sailcloth with fish oils and grease in an attempt to water proof their sails, keeping them light and efficient. Remnants of these sails were used as capes to withstand the high winds and sea spray, keeping the sailors warm and dry. These capes were the forerunner to the fisherman's slicker.

Halley Stevenson's

Together with Halley Stevenson’s, Gloverall has developed unique treated cotton fabrics for Spring Summer 18. Using a combination of traditional waxing methods and aero finishing to create beautifully soft water resistant cloths, which stand the test of time.

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