How to Wear a Scarf for Men

Scarves have been a staple in men’s wardrobes since 3rd century BC. The terracotta soldiers buried with Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of unified China, have tied neck scarves sculpted as part of their uniform. During Victorian Britain, neck scarves, and even the knots they tied them in, signified social status. Today, they’re a fashionable and practical way to keep warm or revitalise an outfit. It would be a shame to lose the custom, so we’ve put together the best ways to wear scarves all year round.

How to Tie a Scarf

To achieve both function and flair, you’ll need to be aware of the width and length of your scarves. To be able to carry out most of the following scarf tying styles, ideally the width of the material would be between 6 to 14 inches and range between 60 and 70 inches for length.

Different Ways to Wear a Scarf

1) The Wrapped AroundA put-together yet laid back style, this is an extremely versatile way to wear your scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck making sure to leave one end shorter than the other. Take the longer side and wrap it around your neck once, or twice, for a naturally casual look.You can modify this slightly to give a more tucked, nonchalant effect. Instead of draping the scarf over your neck at the beginning, take one end of the scarf close to the front of your neck and wrap the other end around your neck until it’s short. Tuck both ends into the wrapped scarf and pull sections out for your ideal volume and look. Pair with a t-shirt and jeans to spruce up the outfit or try it out with a suit if you want to look more casual when heading to the pub from work.

2) Parisian KnotA popular scarf knot, the Parisian is an example of straightforward, simple scarf tying. To achieve this clean yet stylish look, fold the scarf in half lengthwise. Then drape it around your neck, pulling the loose sends through the loop created by the fold. This technique can add a slick element to your outfit that can take you from long country strolls to meetings in the city.

3) DrapeDepending on how you personalise it, this way to wear a scarf can either give off a mellow, laidback feel or a suave, sharp finish. This style is incredibly versatile and all depends on the outfit and scarf itself. For more casual occasions, drape the scarf around your neck and wear it on the outfit of your jacket or shirt. To create a more refined look on formal occasions, drape the scarf in the same way and then tuck the ends under the lapel, as Barack Obama sports it. This would be worn over a tuxedo, sweat or blazer.

4) Ascot KnotAn air of elegance is created whilst wearing the Ascot knot. To achieve this sophisticated look, begin with the scarf hanging over your shoulder with one end longer than the other. Take the longer end and and cross it over the shorter end before threading it through the loop this creates. Then pull the long end back over the front of the loop to tighten it to your preference. You can arrange the short end to be hidden behind the long end of the scarf so that it lays naturally in front for a smart look that works for any occasion.

How to Wear a Scarf in Spring/Summer

Wearing a scarf during the spring and summer months is all about adding flair to an outfit. To adapt to warmer weather, it’s key to think about the material of your summer scarves. Stay away from thick materials and favour thinner and more lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton or synthetic blends.

Because you’re not looking for extra warmth, there are some ways to wear scarves that aren’t as appropriate during the warmer seasons. Scarf knots like the Parisian or Ascot may end up making you feel uncomfortably hot, even in a lightweight material. Styles like the drape and wrap around give more room and can be easily adjusted for your comfort.

How to Wear a Scarf in Autumn/Winter

Scarves are a winter essential. They’re vital for keeping in all that warmth during brisk morning walks in the bitter cold. You can’t go wrong with thick yet soft materials like wool or cashmere, like our 100% lambswool tartan scarf.

Styles like the wrap around, Parisian or Ascot knot are great for the winter as they can be doubled up and pulled tightly to the neck to protect from the elements. The wrap around is particularly effective as it can be used to over your nose and mouth by pulling it higher up. This increases the temperature of the air you breathe in, meaning less harsh cold air in your lungs and avoiding aggravating any respiratory issues.

Paired with good quality outwear, like a duffle coat, the scarf works to provide a provide a cosy barrier to keep out the cold and wind.

Whether in winter or summer, scarves can be a great addition to your wardrobe if you know how to achieve the look you want. With this guide, should feel more confident about what size, material and style make your outfit look its best.