From the Archive…Vivienne Westwood – Gloverall

From the Archive…Vivienne Westwood

Gloverall is proud to reflect on our remarkable collaboration with the legendary Vivienne Westwood, a partnership that combined the elegance of classic British tailoring with the rebellious spirit of punk fashion. This unique collaboration showcased the creativity and innovation that both brands are renowned for, resulting in a collection that was as daring as it was timeless.

The Rise of Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood's journey began in the 1970s when she and Malcolm McLaren opened their boutique, SEX, on King's Road in London. The boutique became the epicentre of the punk movement, a cultural revolution characterized by its anti-establishment ethos. Westwood's designs, which included ripped T-shirts, safety pins, and provocative slogans, quickly became the uniform of rebellion.

Her influence expanded through the decades, with each collection showcasing her ability to merge the past with the present. From her "Pirate" collection in the early 1980s, which drew from the historical dress, to her 1990s exploration of traditional British tailoring, Westwood's work has always been a dialogue between different eras and styles.

Sustainability and Activism

Beyond her aesthetic contributions, Westwood was renowned for her commitment to sustainability and activism. She used her platform to advocate for environmental causes, raise awareness about climate change, and urge the fashion industry to adopt more sustainable practices. This dedication to making a positive impact resonates deeply with us and was a guiding principle in the collaboration with Gloverall.

The Gloverall Connection

Gloverall, a brand with a rich heritage, has been producing iconic duffle coats since the 1950s. Known for their durability, practicality, and timeless style, Gloverall coats have been a staple in British outerwear for decades. The brand's commitment to quality and tradition made it an ideal partner for this collaboration.

The Collaboration: A Tribute to Tradition and Innovation

In designing this exclusive line of duffle coats, we sought to honour both Westwood's revolutionary spirit and Gloverall's classic craftsmanship. Each piece in the collection features distinctive elements that pay homage to Westwood's iconic designs, such as bold patterns and intricate detailing. At the same time, the coats retain the hallmark features of Gloverall's timeless duffles – sturdy construction, toggle fastenings, and warm woollen fabric.

One standout piece from the collection is the Wartime Monty coat embellished with Vivienne’s manifesto messages and Climate Revolution graphics.

A Reflection on Legacy

The collaboration was not just about creating beautiful garments but about celebrating the legacies of two iconic brands and their influence on contemporary fashion. Vivienne Westwood's fearless innovation and Gloverall's dedication to quality have impacted how we think about style, sustainability, and woven outerwear.

By bringing these two worlds together, we hoped to inspire a new generation to appreciate the value of tradition while embracing the future with creativity and responsibility. The duffle coats we created are more than just outerwear – they are symbols of a shared commitment to excellence, heritage, and the transformative power of fashion.